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Proofs Disclaimer

Graphitek produces or prints work for you per your files, specifications and instructions. While we will bring to your attention any errors that we notice, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR APPROVAL OF PROOFS, PROOF READING AND ERRORS.

If we produce work that contains errors that are not caused by Graphitek then you are responsible for full productions costs, as well as for the cost of producing the work a second time, if you request us to do so.

If close color matching is a requirement of the job, then your must let us know at the beginning of the job and specify PMS colors or otherwise provide color samples. If you want to check color matching before we go into production then you should request a proof.

If color matching is critical to your project then we strongly urge you to request a color proof printed at full size (usually consisting of a portion of the job as a whole that contains the color(s) that you want matched) before we print the entire job.

Likewise, if the resolution / print quality of the finished print is critical to the job then we strongly urge you to request a proof printed at full size so that you can check and approve print resolution before we print the entire job.

Each round of proofs adds to our standard turn-around time. If you require a proof from us before we print the entire job then be sure to allow sufficient time for the proofing process (usually an extra 2-to-3 days per round of proofs) in your scheduling of the project. Please note that there is a charge per set of proofs, plus shipping fees.

Please help avoid mistakes and re-dos. Carefully proofread your work beforehand, and be sure to request a proof before we run the entire job, if color matching or print resolution is an issue!