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Large Format Digital Printing

For over four decades we have been at the forefront of the large format digital printing industry, offering our services to business ranging from small town sign shops to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.


Custom Printed, Use Specific.

At Graphitek we treat every printing project as custom from the ground up. Where others make choices to save time and money, we take a look at each project and recommend the materials and application that will make the most of your advertising budget.

Our experience with a broad range of materials allows us to pair our customers with innovative print solutions that will truly make you stand out from the rest, with the assurance that your intentions will be preserved. Combine this with our G7 Master Printer certification and you have a partner you can truly trust.

Seamless Printing & Management

With printers capable of printing seamlessly up to 102” wide, and project managers available for managing projects of any size we have the equipment and experience necessary to meet your printing needs. Our team will work with you throughout every step of your project, educating you on our different solutions- and how they will impact your campaigns to achieve a maximum return on your investment.