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Packaging & Shipping

At Graphitek every step of the supply chain is important to us, that is why we put such an emphasis on our shipping services that make every effort possible to ensure your products arrive safely.

Nationwide Shipping: UPS, Fed Ex, and Freight.

Secure, well protected, shipping is as much a part of our product as the printing itself. From the custom crates created to protect unique items, to the shrink wrapping applied to the end of vinyl rolls to prevent shifting- we have experience shipping products of all shapes and sizes to all parts of the country.

*UPS Ground from Graphitek is a ONE DAY SHIPMENT to most parts of CT, DE, MA, ME, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VT.

Multiple Ship Points, Multiple Vendors

Need your products sent to multiple ship points, or need to send us parts of your installation from multiple vendors? No problem. Our project managers have vast experience dealing with orders from all types of customers, we know how to juggle even the most complex shipping demands with ease.

It is a track record we’ve developed over the years of prompt and reliable shipping that truly makes our products available nationwide.